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Si Sutton 21-Apr-13 Intellidantzia

28 April 2013

Hey Everyone,

So firstly a small apology, I was so keen to get this weeks show started that I was a few moments late in pressing the record button, so a slightly more abrupt beginning than usual. If you are reading this whilst it is playing, you are past it now, so you can ignore everything written above winking This weeks show is loosely entitled Doin It Cos It Feels Good – A sign that the long long British winter has now finally faded, with this Saturday turning out to be a comparative scorcher! With Sun cometh enrichment & nourishment that remind us we are alive & we feel good about that & all it contains therein. So we stand tall & shout it from the rooftops to a soundtrack that goes like this……

Direct Download / Listen Again


Gredits – Doin it with Gwen
Piraahnaheads’s Soulchestra ft Eric King – Love Ballard (Bonus Beats)
Barbara Tucker & DJ Q – Groove Odyssey Theme (orig)
Bobby & Steve, Matt Early & Dajae – Faith, Hope & Charity (orig)
DBow – Get Involved (Directors Cut)
Natalie Williams & Reilly – No Strings (Groove Assassin)
Bobby D’Ambrosio ft Michelle Weeks – Moments of My Life (Raffa Scoccia Life)
True2Life ft Dennis Wonder – What We Had (Bumpin dub)
Leroy Burgess & Tyrone Williams – No Time Like The Present (Bobby & Steve)
Dajae – Don’t You Want My Love (Sean McCabe dub)
Accap – KOT – So Alive
DJ Dealer & Rashaan Houston – Let Me Live (Spriritchaser)
Wipe The Needle ft Lifford – Wonderin Why (WTN orig)
Mike Sharron vs Peach Boys – Under The Bridge (Si’s WIP)
Marc Evans & N’dinga Gaba – My Heart Remembers (DJ Spen)
The Pimp – Everyday (Jerkhouse Connection)
Etta James – Sunday Kinda Love (DJ Pope’s Vokal)
Louie Vega ft Sarah Devine – Fabulous (Dance Ritual)
Influence Peddlers ft Gwen Hunter – Fragile Heart (DJ Beloved bpm Vox)
Phil Marwood, Sandra C & Kafele – My Spirit (Adam Rios & Mark Francis Full Horn Lead Vox)
Sugah Lyrics – Black Man (Massive Tunes)
Sandman & Riverside ft Kymberli Wright – Play Wit You (Ron Trent)
Zion H ft Sheya – Slow It Down (Kings of Soul Vox)
South Street Players – Who Keeps Changin Your Mind (Karousel)

So next week the Pressure Family will be in Shoreditch for Sweet & Sexy @ Strongrooms, followed by Josh Milan doin a lil warm up for his upcoming VB performance & I will be back on air the following Sunday, 8pm-10pm, Pressure Radio. My thanks as always out to all you guys that joined me in the chat, the silent listeners & especially all of you that d/l this podcast smiley

Si Sutton


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