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c2eMusic Radio Show – 25-may-13 – Solid

3 May 2013

The was a seat of pants show – to the point of still downloading tracks 15 minutes before the start. The new stuff being downloaded was on the deeper early show side, but had no real feel for what the tracks actually did.

As a result the mix started with a BANG. Don’t think anyone was expecting such a punch especially me!
With the odd exception the tracks are mainly from the last few weeks and where possible I’ve tried to play ones that haven’t featured in a show before.
There was debate in the chatroom around Spiritchasers mix of KOTs – “Fall For You”. I’m not special enough to have it yet, so I did the next best thing and dropped Spiritchasers mix of DJ Dealer’s “Let Me Live” followed by Sandy’s classic mix of “Fall For You”. Who said we we don’t do requests 🙂
We then skip through a couple of different styles – soulful vocal in the form of Ian Friday’s mix of “Tonite” followed by a few disco, funk infused tracks.
It’s then back to business with the deep style leading to a brief trip to the bassment with Kyodai.
Proof I didn’t use all of my Mr V tracks up last week we have another from the maestro.
Wasn’t sure how to end the show and was leaning towards Atjazz mix of “Where Did You Go” – however up popped his more recent mix “Perfectly” by the Layabouts and again Shea Soul.
This track had yet to be played in a mix, so problem solved.
Had fun as always with the Thursday c2e Pressure crew, joined by Dini & Dangsta in the chatroom.
All up very pleased with how the show went. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did during the show.

1: Northeye, Frankin – Back Home
2: Colman Buckley – No Dice
3: Dave Mayer – Don’t Ya Know (Phaze Dee Mix)
4: Hans Thalau – Jade
5: Raffa FL – Kool With Me (DJ Nav Remix)
6: Evan Iff – Slide
7: DeepCitySoul, DJ Romain – NY 2 UK (James Dexter Mix)
8: Elef – Lazy Liz
9: Zoo Look, Amy Lyon – All Over Me (Detroit Swindle Remix)
10: DJ Dealer, RaShaan Houston – Let me Live (Spiritchaser Mix)
11: Kings Of Tomorrow, April – Fall For You (Sandy Rivera Classic)
12: Sai & Ribatone – Tonite (Ian Friday Libation Mix)
13: Ed Nine – Bag Of Funk
14: Giom, DJ Mes – Nu Grooves
15: House Heads – Bit’s & Pieces
16: Motor City Drum Ensemble – Send A Prayer (Part 2)
17: Claudio aka Clod – Who Do You Love
18: James Johnston – Do U Understand
19: Claudio aka Clod – Who Do You Love
20: Harry Wolfman – Booty Call
21: Linkwood – One
22: Kyodai – Sex Affair (Main Mix)
23: Ralphi Rosario – You Used To Hold Me (Spiritchaser Vocal Mix)
24: Aldo Kapone – Get Up (Mr V Remix)
25: The Layabouts, Shea Soul – Perfectly (Atjazz Vocal Mix)

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