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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 14-July-13

23 July 2013

Hey Everyone,

So now Ive recovered from the previous weeks excesses at the VB Summer Ball, this weeks show is in honour of my brand new nephew, Master Charles Michael Geraghty. As a result I tried to put on a show, so that in a few years time I can play him this set & his propper education will have begun – welcome to the world, another House Head is born!

Direct Download

So onto the music, we start the fires burning pretty quickly on this one & whilst there are moments to catch your breath & we go deeper from about halfway, its pretty much gonna have you bouncin the whole way through with a tracklist that goes like this:

Hotbox  – Cant Get Enough
Lovebirds – Want You in My Soul (Scott Diaz)
Evan Rhodes – What You Got (orig)
Shaun Escoffery – Days Like This (Deeper Dub Rerub)
First Choice – The Player (CJ Giovanni)
Pablo Fierro – Cutting The Tape (Angelo Ferreri)
Accap – Roland Clark – Have A Good Time
J&M Brothers & Vicmoren – Reach Out (Domscott & Divrtido Dj’s)
SOL Element & Dimi Stuff – Its All About You (4 DA People Klassik)
Maqman ft Selina Campbell – Run Away (Groove Assassin)
DBR & David Ferrera ft Blaze – To My Beat (Jochen Pash & Norm Vybe)
UPZ ft Stephanie Cook – Happy Days (Avi Elmans Cowbell Vox)
Sasha Alazy – Deeper (Kuningas)
Excerpt – Krista – Could Heaven Be Like This
Ralph Session ft Kat S – Soul Deep (orig dub)
DJ Romain – Going Down
Meechie Fair & Ladymarysound – Dear Mother (Trevor Ricci)
Dave Meyer vs Koffee – Stuck On A Story (Si Sutton DAT Edit)
Gastek, LDF & La Pheena – Learn To Be Loved (Souldynamic dub)
Rhemi ft Lynn Lockamy – Warning (Rhemi main)
Meropa Park – Live a Lil (Suges)
Mr O & Clenz Voucal – Loving You (Cannon Soul 35 Orbi)
Ta-ice ft Biblical Jones – You Love Me (Sibz)
Ralf Gum ft Kafele – Complicated (DJ Christos Magic Session)

So there you have it, another week, another slice of heat. Where will we be when my lil nephew is old enough to appreciate music, what format might he play it on, will we just have chipsets in our brain for live streaming while we go about our daily grind, triggered by prior purchasing preferences we can no longer deselect. I hope for all our sakes that regardless of genre, quality music continues to be made & for those that seek & cherish that music, it will continue to inspire passion, evoke emotion & make everything seem just that lil bit better…
As always my thanks go out to the chatroom faithful that show their support week in/week out, the silent listeners for whom we provide the soundtrack, you guys that pull the podcasts & to The Gillman, who makes everything we do sound as good as its ever gonna be & that sounds sweet to me! smiley
Si Sutton


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