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Si Sutton 20-oct-13 Intellidantzia

23 October 2013

Hey Everyone,

So thankfully I finally got my broadband back on last week, but I didnt intend to waste the offline time that gave me, so I put it to good use in preparing for this show. I started with an idea of something I wanted to do with Mr V & then dug around for the right tracks to go before & after to enable me to start off groovy, bring the pace up to get you where I wanted to be, so I could then go deep on Y’all. I also thought it would be refreshing to keep the energy on high but drop the bpm down to around 120. Im not sure how many of you will notice, but as an old duffer, its about all I can manage on the dance floor these days…Anyway, enough of my waffle, lets get to the music with a tracklist that goes like this:

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Donna Gardier – Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me (Gorka Club)
Terrence Parker – Your Love (TP’s Classic Unreleased extd)
Inner Souls – Satisfy (Booker T)
M&S vs Lisa Millet (Si Sutton’s Spreadin the Bad Habit Bootleg)
Dana Weaver – I Got What You Need (DJ Pope dub)
Meisha Moore – Kiss You All Over (Dany Cohiba)
Gilbert Le Funk – Do It All Night (orig)
The Lewis Project ft Sandy Turnbull – Ride On The Rhythm (Phaze Dee Vox)
Pat Bedeau – The Door of No Return (Spen & Thommy)
Zephrin Saint & Mr V – Danse Release (Manuel Tur)
Quentin Harris ft Mr V – Jus Dance
Hercules & Love Affair – Blind Love (CJ Giovanni Bootleg)
MJ – I Rise (cdr)
Jazzloungers ft Rainy Payne – Obsession (Jazzloungers 2013)
Kay Bonez & Jeffrey Stephan – Natural Mood (main)
Terri Walker – He Loves Me (Yoruba Soul dub)
RescuePoetix – Raspberry Kisses (DJ Punch & Flip)
Manchildblack – Where Is Love (Libation Vox)
Rune & Princess L – Take Me Away (DJ Bullet Deeper)
Daniel Barros – Spirits (orig)
Greg Gaulthier ft Sabrynaah Pope – Somebody For You (CJ Giovanni)
Kaskade – SFO to ORD (orig)
Bucie ft Heavy K – Easy To Love
Steve Paradise ft DD Klien – Days In This House (Deep Xcape)
Echo Deep ft Tantra Zawadi & Dana Byrd – Love we Shared (Vincemo Hang Session)

So, I am very pleased with how this all turned out, so I hope you will be too – please let me know, drop me a comment – a “like” is always appreciated, but theres no substitute for specifics!
As always my thanks go out to the faithful that joined me in the chat, all the silent listeners & you, the podcasters – I will be back on Pressure Radio on a Sunday, same time as always, 8pm-10pm, but next week I will be spending with Keith & Lucy as I send them on their way to a brand new life in Nice, South of France – be sure I will be booking my weekend breaks as soon as the sun is shining 🙂
Si Sutton



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