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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 18-May-14

23 May 2014

Hey Everyone,

So this week I got the chance to cover the show after me, which means you now have 4hrs of soulful goodness to go at here. We warm up nicely, get a lil bit bumpy, even Jackin in places for the 1st hour, then we head into deepness whilst maintaining the vocals throughout the 2nd hour. We kick off hour 3 with some new jazz, sliding down into soulful LuvHouse & back out to Afro riddums, bringing back the energy for the last hour & rounding out with a couple of classics reworked. In short, this is pretty much a one stop shop for all you need to hear in the soulful world this week, with a tracklist that goes like this:

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Vittorio Santorelli – Haven’t You Heard (Orig)
Corduroy Mavericks – Chubsta (Orig)
JoioDJ ft Chanelle – My Heart’s Not Free (Domenico Albanese On The Beach)
Sterling Void ft Malisha Bleau – Chasing Rainbows (Matteo Candura)
Dj Dimi ft Tanya Michelle – To Give (Classic)
Hardsoul ft D-Train – Absolute (Main)
Tony Colangelo ft Neisha Harley – Closer Than Close (Francesco Cofano)
Praxis ft Kathy Brown – Turn Me Out (Staffan Thorsell)
DJ AX – You Make Me Better (Instrumental Guitar)
(Acapella) Bart & Andrea Gori ft J Elizabeth Hardges – Stand
Andrey Slam ft Miss N – Ryadom (Aback)
David Storm Ruffin – Stoned
Paris Grey & ‘House Master’ Baldwin – Don’t Lead Me (Drumapella)
Steven Stone ft L.T. Brown – Let It Go (Orig)
Chris Forman ft Chris Dockins – Slave 2 The Rhythm (Turned Up)
(Acapella) Ian McShane – Slave to The Rhythm
Kenny Bobien – Dance For Life (Kikko Esse & E. Delcarmine)
Pray For More ft Eddy – Brand New Day 2014 (MoD & Staffan Thorsell)
CeCe Rogers – I Need (Orig)
Wyen Solo – Smile (Groove Assassin Vox)
Giovanni Ikome & Frankie Foncett – Higher (Orig)
V.underground ft RJ Benjamin – Enough (Punk Surreal Expriance)
DJ Able ft Donald Sheffey – Whatcha Gonna Do (Orig)
DJ Fudge & Hallex M ft Omar – Simpatico (Hood Natives Club)
Tronicsole ft Brown Sugah – Beautifully Broken (Neter Supreme Flight Of The Unbroken Soul Vox)
Dwight Trible – Little Sunflower (Carlos Sanchez)
Fiso Da Cost & Sfiso Jobe ft Tsholo – One Last Time
Mr Nugget ft Pete Simpson – Tell Me Something (Montana & Stewart)
Nick De Six ft Divaynne – So In Love (Jon Fernandez Upright Vox)
Francesco Aquilanti ft Sandra St. Victor – Light In My Window (Main)
Afroboyz ft Sbo Soul – More Than A Friend (Orig)
Donovan Blackwood – This Time (Bluesoil Soul Prescribed)
Vivi Ravish ft Afriquaze – Little Story (BlackChild Deep Sensation)
Sipho Ngubana ft Darian Crouse – Im Yours Only (Main Vox)
Skwaya4Higher – Flying High (Canticle Soul)
Stax Magoo ft Sugar Berry – Reveal Yourself (Orig)
Tracy Hamlin – Got To Be Strong (Kenny Carpenter Hard Muscle Unreleased Alt)
Phaze Dee – Deep In My Soul
Atjazz & Jullian Gomes ft Zano – Here To Stay
Ona M ft Rocio Starry – Beauty In Me (Sacred Soul P.O.D)
The Normalites – The Sun Rising (Shur-I-Kan Vox)
Kenny Does GAP – Outstanding (Frankie Goes Deep)

So there you have it & I hope you guys enjoy listening as much as I did playing – some real treats in there! As always, my thanks go out to everyone in the Pressure Lounge, to all those expecting to hear Kev Anthony & sticking with me throughout, the silent listeners & you guys on the DL – catch you all back here in 2 weeks for more of what makes your soul grow, your heart soar, your head nod & your feet shuffle- Intellidantzia, Dance Music for Grown Ups!!!
Si Sutton


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