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Si Sutton 1-June-14 Intellidantzia

6 June 2014

Hey Everyone,

So this is the last set from me for a couple of weeks as I head off to spend time on the French Riviera, which means I had to make this show even more special to last you all until I return. Now modesty prevents me from saying so, but I knocked this one out of the Park! Essentially crafted within my familiar format, easin in, take it up a lil, then deepness into soulful to take your hand & lead you to the dancefloor to get our groove on for 2 straight hours with a tracklist that goes like this….

Johana – Caminando (Intro edit)
Sheba Jordan – Music Is My Way Of Life (Federico d’Alessio)
Pedro Duarte ft Charmaine – My Only Love (Orig)
Ave’ & Sarah Dash – What Can I Do For You (Maurice Joshua Club)
Audioguys – All Your Love (Orig)
Dave Mayer – Thinking Of You (Vox)
Mustafa ft Lisa Millett – Wake Up Everybody (Supranova)
Kinky Movement – Over My Soul (Let Them Do It)
Armando Junior – I Can’t Live Without It (Orig)
Adri Block ft Corrado Rizza – I’m Always There 4 U (Orig)
Leonardus – Thinking About You All The Time (Orig)
Richard Earnshaw ft Orlando Vaughan – Never Gonna Let You Down (Husky’s Bobbin’ Head Vox)
Seb Skalski – My Dream (Orig)
Roachford – Work It Out (Henrik Schwarz Garage)
Soulfuledge ft Johanna Jordan – Forgive Me (Sunset Skippin)
Deepia – Bad Temptation (Silvia Zaragoza)
Grooveboy ft Antoinette Dunleavy – Rise (J&M Brothers)
Rightside ft Troy Denari – Come Back To Me (Guy Robin Vox)
Stones & Bones ft K-Modi – Heaven (Dolls Combers)
DJ Bullet ft Zothea – Our Love (Soul Provider)
Souldynamic ft Miranda Nicole – Trust (Mix 1)

My thanks go out to the Pressure Lounge for their unwavering support, all the silent listeners, for whom I hope I make the Sunday night chores a lil more enjoyable & YOU GUYS that make full & proper use of this podcast. So I shall be back on a Sunday in July, same time 8pm – 10pm Pressure Radio

Si Sutton


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