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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 30-Nov-2014

2 December 2014

Hey Everyone,

So Im back from the brink of hell that is Man Flu & I sincerly apologise for missing last weeks podcast, but sometimes when faced with viral adversity, good sense dictates laying down until the storm passes….
Anyways, back with a bang, we found a spare hour that someone wasnt using & as I had loads of good music to share with you guys, I used that time wisely smiley Starting off with some new takes on old classics, we kept things bumpy whilst leaning towards the deeper groove that took us through the 1st hour. The 2nd hour saw things getting deeper, but easing back on the bump in favour of soul before heading really deep for the last hour with some incredible vocals. So in summary, this weeks ebbs n rolls, keeping your feet moving in time with your head nods to a tracklist that goes like this……

Groove Addix ft Xaviera Gold – I Know You I Live You (DJ Big Dose)
Dr Packer – Lonely People (Orig)
Terry Lex & Sean David ft Angie Brown – I Need You (Terry Lex Prime Time Dub)
Quentin Kane & Simon Sheldon ft Linley Hamilton – Full Flight
Eman & Doc Link – Message To The Househead 2 (Doc Link’s Jackin’ After Dark)
DJ Romain – The Amazment (Orig)
Doctormusic Project – Disposable Society (Simone Barbaresi)
RescuePoetix – Blame It On The Music (Dj Punch Baby Powder Goes Congo)
RescuePoetix – Blame It On The Music (Dj Punch Baby Powder Goes Organ)
RescuePoetix – Blame It On The Music (Baby Powder Goes Afro-Shaft)
Alex Salvato & Miamisoul ft Elove Taylor – No Lie (Orig)
Fabio Tosti ft Donald Sheffey – Respect Me (TnT Inc. Filter Dub)
Troy Brown – Free At Last
Sean Mccabe ft Hannah Khemoh – Reach Out (Extended 12)
Circle Of Funk ft Dawn Tallman – Healer (Wipe The Needle)
Code Luke – Talkin Smak (Original Soul Funk)
D Millz – Ready To Go (Miggedy’s Groovy ReTouch)
Accap – India & Peppe Citarella – Tacalacateo (dreamapella tribute to MAW dj tool)
Zulus At Work ft Wendy Jane Satchell – How Love Goes (OtherSoul)
Stones & Bones ft Diana Lynn – Wonderland (Stones Afro Rootz)
Reminder ft Cathrine Jacobs – What Goes Around Comes Around (Orig Vox)
Dj Vivona ft Juliet Annerino – One Touch (Jon Cutler)
Deepsonic ft Jean Honeymoon – Waiting (Blackwax)
Darryl D’ Bonneau – Lonely (Loowee R Vox)
DJ Pope ft Rufus Roundtree – Me Think Me Love You (Alternative Vox)
Rafael Yapudjian, Roland Clark – If I Dream (Supacooks)
Rafael Yapudjian, Roland Clark – If I Dream (orig)
HandsOfDJ 5 ft Charles Cooper – Love Is What We Need (Turnstyle Vox)
James John ft Deon Nathan – Over & Over (Suges)
John Lundun ft Rhema Osborne – Love’s Rain
Lastee – Pretty Girl (Ndinga Gaba & Maurice Carroll)
Luka ft Sio Blackwidow – Next To You (Keys Snow)
Manoo ft Natasha Watts – See The Light (Manoo)
Mickey K – Reason to Forget You (Eaze Bk Funk)
Niko M & Dasoul ft Mary R – I Cant Get No Sleep (Orig)

As always my thanks go out to the Pressure Chat Lounge for your support & encouragement. To all the silent listeners & you guys that will download this set. Next week I will be covering for the Hingeroo 6pm-8pm before handing over to DJ Wally & Andy Ward covering the 8pm-10pm live from Spain – Now there’s 4hrs you wont want to miss!

Si Sutton


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