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Jackin House

What is Jacking House?
History and meaning of Jackin House

While it is true that back in the day “Jackin” referred to a style of dance, today it more commonly associated with a nuskool style of “primarily” sample based house music called “Jackin House” that is largely characterized by it’s urban/street attitude, shuffly/skippy percussion, big funky basslines, and chopped up samples from styles such as hip-hop, rnb, jazz, swing, funk, & disco. It typically is a more “energetic” and “faster” form of house normally falling in the 126 to 130 bmp range but it can contain deeper & moodier elements as well. It stays very true to the old house formula but unlike the more traditional styles that are restricted to much tighter well defined limitations, pretty much anything goes in Jackin House as long as it’s not considered douche or cheese and stays in those bpm ranges. Often jokingly referred to as “dude house” or “gangsta house”. The biggest names that currently represent this style would be Sneak, Mark Farina, Jason Hodges, Fries & Bridges (Hector Moralez & Phil Weeks), DJ Mes, Sonny Fodera, Tommy Largo, Wattie Green, d-t3ch, Scrubfish, Nate Laurence, JR From Dallas, Chemars, and many more.

Description by
Matt Pruitt, Jackin House genre manager at Traxsource aka 4peace, aka Jack Bandit, aka Boot Reynolds, aka as one half of High Maintenance (w/ J. Caprice), aka one half of Soulmates (with Camille).

Additional text by DJP

Over the years like most genre’s it has changed and re-shaped somewhat and overlaps with other House music genres. A lot of what traditionally was called Disco House is now referred to as Jackin House simply by the fact it samples or borrows riffs, melodies and vocals from classic disco tracks often chopped up in to short passages and repeated over and over on top of a phat beat and baseline.

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