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Deepinside radio closed stopped broadcasting

6 April 2011

deepinside radio radio  closed It would seem deepinside radio has now closed and stopped broadcasting.
This was a radio station broadcasting mainly recorded tracks rather than live DJ’s but with a click to buy function
I saw a post on their site saying it was closing and there would be an explanation but i didn’t see the final notice as to exactly why.

I know from experience that Running a radio station is costly and very time consuming and in particularly a soulful house radio station where the genre of music is quite specialised means limited audiences etc.   We wish the guys at deepinside all the best on their next venture whatever that maybe.

If any of Deepinside  loyal fans turn to Pressure Radio we would like to give you a warm welcome please come in the chat room when we have LIVE Dj’s and come and get to know us. Or hook up with us on Facebook etc.



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