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Amanda Day 2021 Pressure Radio / VB Takeover

10 April 2021

Sunday 11 April 2021 we celebrate Amanda Day #2 Hosted by Vocal Booth Weekender and Pressure Radio

We did the first Amanda Day in 2020 to show some recognition and support to a lovely lady and a good friend going through severe cancer. Many of us met Amanda at the Vocal Booth Weekender which Amanda attended right from the start. Amanda shall we say embraces the event with all her heart and stands out as one of the most fun and lovely person you can meet. Amanda often front and centre on and off the dance floor. Often the first person you meet each morning around the pool bright as a button after out drinking everyone under the table the day before!
So thankfully against all odds here we are celebrating Amanda Day #2 to offer once again our support. In Amanda’s own words to Andy Ward “I never thought in my dreams we’d be having this conversation about a lineup for 2021.” Even if you don’t know Amanda I’m sure there is not a person on the planet that can not relate to this story with friends or family or maybe yourself so I’m sure you will appreciate the sentiment, It will also be a great day of Music with an assortment of DJ’s hand-picked by Amanda.

Amanda day 2 2021

The day will be live broadcast on Also live broadcast and visuals, interviews memories etc.  via Zoom at the following link Amanda’s Day Zoom

This will be a great day of music, memories, fun, and support so if you know Amanda or not come and share the love.

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