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House Surgery – Artists DJs Production & Events

7 April 2011

House Surgery logo image

House Surgery enhancing your House Music experience

A Message from our from our friend Tincha Killah chief Surgeon at the House Surgery who has been traveling the world attending festivals weekenders & seminars networking with artists and DJ’s seeking out new House Surgeons…

House Surgery is a movement taking over in many forms. We believe it is musical therapy at its best enhancing the sheer quality of life. Our carefully selected team of knowledgeable and professional music surgeons are always on call to help you with all your queries, while downloads from all our talented and skillful artists are available 24/7.

The material you hear on our electronic music label is courtesy of the many artists have been hand picked to produce, publish and storm into the public domain for purchase.

Here at the Surgery, we provide production of tracks with the help of our experienced producers & vocalists and finally distributing the music globally by utilising our wide contact database from commercial, online & underground radio & international club circuit DJs and to established and respected radio DJ’s and creative entertainment agencies.

We also have Surgery djs, and organize UPGRADE YOUR NIGHT LIFE events worldwide and basically doing this for many years. Feel free to contact us for any event you would like to share with us / question you would like to know.

The House Surgery will be showcasing networking events, which we’ll be using in order to distribute promotional material and merchandise, expand our network and let people hear the true quality of our music played by our DJs.

Some of the House Surgery Artists Producers and DJ’s include:-

Keith Tompson, Stanny Abram,  Miguel Rosa, Jerry Ropero, Andy Ward, Yves Murasca, Alex & Filip, Jams Robert, BabyFace Jay, Rony Breaker   (you may also hear some of these artists on Pressure Radio)

Visit the House Surgery website

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