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Pressure Radio hits Ipswich, UK

11 May 2011

Dj Miloe Pressure Radio live event at Zing bar Ipswich UK flyer image

This coming Friday 13th May 2011) 

Downtown Froot Zing Bar Ipswitch

DJ Miloe takes his Pressureradio DowntownSoulcast  vibe to Zing Bar Ipswich.

 Be sure to support by reaching & clicking you’re attending.

Facebook event page

Here’s the write up for whats to come & thanks to the guys at Zing for the kind words.


So good they named him 3 times.

Miloe is moving and shaking with some of the biggest Soulhouse heads in the world right now. Just ask Andy Ward (Soul Central) and anyone that is following him in Europe.

He has this incredible ability to find the best music around, not just looking forward but also reaching back to some of the best house ever made.

Wanna know more then go here.

Braybrooke – Not much to say. Plays good music, makes good music, dances badly is one half of the production outfit Souljackerz (who are pretty massive in the dance scene right now)

You wanna know what the end of the night sounds like when he is in control? Then go here.

As always Zing is open till 4 because we know you like to enjoy yourselves, but we do say this time and time again because it is very important. Get in at a reasonable time because the Dj’s will go home at 2 and we don’t want to dissapoint you by turning you away.??


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