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21 Q’s to a DJ – Dirty Turk – Interview

29 September 2012

DJ Durty Turk1. What brought you to start making mixes or becoming a dj? how did it all begin?

– I grew up in NYC going to jams held in the parks in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

2. How did you get your dj name?

– Matthew D’Agostini is my real name/ Dirty Turk is my music name. it was given to me by a few people growing up as a derogatory name because i’m sicilian and they were northern Italian. So I turned into something good and turned into something they would have to eat, by me using it.

3. What came first? djing, production or promoting?

– Production is and has always been what i do… anything and everything else is secondary, I’m a musician… I play bass, keys and guitar… also vocals.

4. What are your favourite parties?

– My favourite party use to be Soulgasm in NYC… i look at like ‘a great party’ is where my people are at.

5. Where is your favourite place to dj? what country?

– I love them all really… if there’s house then it’s home.

6. Name a record you are fond of.

– Sara Devine – Special

7.  Fave track of all time?

– Anything Mousse T does… but there are many I call my favourite.

8. what podcasts do you follow?

– Pressure Radio

9. How do you find the scene? as of now, in your opinion?

– it’s changing as all things do, and there is a lot of good music being made… i think it’s finding it’s place with the change. a bit of a struggle but it’s meant to be, so it will sooner or later settle in. acceptance is the key to learning and the new has a lot to offer if you’re confident in what you do combined with your abilities there shouldn’t be a worry.

10. Where do you call home?

– Where ever i lay my hat.

11. what is the funniest thing you ever seen at a party?

– A very good friend (no names) threw a drink in a guys face… funny to me anyways…

12. Will you be attending the sonar festival next year? are any other festivals that are happening?

– umm, when is sonar… ;.)>

13. When you dj do you pre-program or go with the flow freestyle?

– what’s program… !!!???

14. What would you give up and coming dj’s/producers/promotors?

– DJ’s: i say do what makes you feel good and the crowd good… know your job and do it selflessly and be humble, you will appreciate it in return… promotors: i say, try to do what you say and you won’t be associated with snakes.

15. If you could ever stage a party… where would it be and why?

– Berlin. love that city and it’s people… the vibe is like no other for me. i love everything about that place.

16. Where do you usually spin?

– haven’t in a while… i will be very soon… all over secret plans… you will see soon enough. mostly playing live keys along with some great djs and live vocals. with my audiojazz team.

17. One thing you would change about the current music scene…

– its not the scene so much as it is the bad apples who want something for nothing… and give even less in return.

18. First feeling of being starstruck was…

– i grew up in NYC on the lower east side… i have seen many actors, rockstars etc… growing up in NYC, nothing phases you… i saw Uma Thurman once, i felt a twitch in my pants but… that’s it.

19. Any shouts?

– my straight up best friend and also producer Scott Wozniak… we haven’t done a project in a while… but there’s talk about it. also K. Koltz and Bai-ee my production partners in audiojazz, great friends and great producers… very happy with my crew ;.)>

20. What are your contacts for booking and mixing requests? any other links you can direct us to?

21. Who’s your most favourite girl that begins with anita?? 😀

– Who the hell else? Anita Jax… you baby, only you!!! ;.)>

Published with permission from our good friend Dirty Turk  – Interview by and courtesy of Anita Jax (Jax in the City)

Some of Dirty Turks tracks


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