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Soulful House Chart 15-May-13

26 May 2013

  • 01. Ziggy Funk ft. Tess Leah – Thankful (Tony Records)
  • 02. Circle Of Funk Ft. Lifford – In Love (Slapped Up Soul)
  • 03. Frankie Knuckles, Director’s Cut, Sybil -Let Yourself Go (The Remixes) (Nocturnal Groove)
  • 04. Random Soul ft. Kyla Sexton – Are We (Random Soul Recordings) *New Entry*
  • 05. Mind Street ft. Kandie Jones – More & More (Quantize Recordings) *New Entry*
  • 06. Fred Everything ft. Wayne Tennant – Mercyless (Remix) (Lazy Days Recordings)
  • 07. Danny J Lewis – When The Sun Breaks The Clouds (Enzyme Black)
  • 08. Booker T ft. Katherine Ellis – Give Me Joy (Liquid Deep)
  • 09. Nastee Nev ft. Donald Sheffey – Let Go (House Afrika)
  • 10. Ladybird – Shine (Peng)
  • 11. Dolls Combers ft. Nicole Mitchell – Don’t Stop  (Dolls Combers Records) *New Entry*
  • 12. Julius Papp ft. Lisa Shaw – Miracle (Part 3) (NeoDisco)
  • 13. Vittorio Santorelli feat. King David – Enter The Zone (The Brothers)
  • 14. Louie Vega ft. Bucie– Angels (Vega Records) *New Entry*
  • 15. DJ Fudge -Asikolo (United Music Records) *New Entry*
  • 16. Neil Thompson ft. Nicole Mitchell – Facade (Solid Ground)
  • 17. Blak Beat Niks -Get Over Yourself  (Solid Ground Recordings) *New Entry*
  • 18. Yass ft. Inaya Day – Bring it Up (Kingstreet)
  • 19. Vick Lavender ft. PirahnaHead & Diviniti – Let It Go (Whasdat Music)
  • 20. Carla Prather ft. Terry Hunter -Just Do It (Ts Box)


Soulful House Chart radio show broadcast on the 15st of May 2013
The Best Deep Soulful house Music Tracks around over the last few weeks

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The Soulful house Chart is live every Wednesday on at 10pm UK time (5pm NYC time)


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