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Soulful House Chart 12-Dec-13

15 December 2013

  • 01.  Soulful Session, Leanne -Mr. Weather Man (Tony Records)
  • 02.  Essential-I, Samantha Faison – Directions (Deeptone Recordings)
  • 03.  Wipe The Needle, Gregory Purnell – Soothe (Promo) *New Entry*
  • 04.  Soulful Session Starring Kerrie-Anne – Keep On Lovin Me (Tony Records) *New Entry*
  • 05.  Nicolas Bassi -Sweetest Sin (MAP Dance Records)
  • 06.  Irfan Rainy, Rex Leon -It’s Your World (feat. Vaceo) (Rainy City Music)
  • 07.  De Sal, Patricia Edwards -Aint Nobody Loving Me But You (Melomania Records)
  • 08.  DJ Christos, Monique Bingham – Outta Sight (Katsaitis Music) *New Entry*
  • 09.  Circle Of Funk Ft. Lifford Shillingford & Natasha Watts – Double Trouble (Slapped Up Soul)
  • 10.  Tony Momrelle – Spotlight (Reel People Music) *New Entry*
  • 11.   Dolls Combers, Dawn Williams -That’s The Way That I Love You (Dolls Combers Records)
  • 12.  Jason Cheiron, Migosy – Life Takes Time (Tribe Records) *New Entry*
  • 13.  Lou Gorbea, Chris Perez, Manchildblack – Missing You (Tribe Records)
  • 14.  Jam & Keys, FAMA – Hands On Me (Solo Music) *New Entry*
  • 15.  Wipe the Needle -Walking Away (feat. Xavier) (Broadcite Productions)
  • 16.  Marc Evans – Communicate (Quantize Recordings)
  • 17.  Souldynamic, Taliwa – I Wanna Be More (Quantize Recordings) *New Entry*
  • 18.  Osunlade – Human Beings (Remixes) (Yoruba)
  • 19.  Steven Stone, Nicole Mitchell – Temptation (Soul Deluxe)
  • 20. Chieko Kinbara, Josh Milan – Higher Love  (King Street)


The Soulful House Chart is broadcast live every Thursday on, compiled & presented by DJ Pugwash.


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