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Black Music by Franky Boissy Roland Clark LYRICS

Franky Boissy Feat. Roland Clark ‎– Black Music Lyrics

Black Music  hmmmm
What is… Black Music?
Those people in the studio wanna give me five minutes to explain Black Music?
5 Minutes?
When it took me all my life to feel  it, I mean, it took me a whole life time to Feel  the Funk
You don’t explain Black Music you won’t explain Black Music you can’t explain Black Music
You Live Black Music… you Sweat Black Music… you Cry Black Music, You Die Black Music, You Smile Black Music…  That’s Black Music
5 Minutes  5 MINUITS!   You got a life time to listen to feel, That’s Black Music.
Black Music ,
What is Black Music?  A Collection of sound with a Bassy Rhythm A Bassy rhythm that penetrates the soul, Pride made whole, coming from the mother land… AFRICA
Fusions of Soul , Jazz, Reggae, Gospel,  Swing, Rhythm, Hip Hop
Without forgiving the pain… Without forgiving the tears
So I want  you to check this out, as one my Brothers and sisters
Rise up and Shout, because that is Black Music.
Let it flow through your vanes, let it talk to your mind, let it talk to your body, let it talk to your soul, let it make you whole.
Deep inside it will lift you up, when your feeling down, it will make you cry, take you on a ride, it will make you frown, it will lift you up it will lift you out it will let you fly
Repression breeds aggression breeds dessession breeds expression, expression is the essence Is the essence of our mission Can I get a witness?
Black Music is a survivor, a soul messenger, A hate suppressor a troth processor
Can I get a witness Brother and Sisters?
From the Motherland to the Mississippi River, the heart of Texas, the fields of Kansas, streets of Nashville and so on and on and on and on… Our sound is still alive and strong and so on and on and on and on and on, the sounds of our ancestors did carry on and so on DID still and will carry on and so on.
Yes… Black Music is speaking our  soul and Black Music is Beautiful I said Black Music is Beautiful my brothers and sisters BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL

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