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Tribal House

What is Tribal House History meaning and origins

Tribal house is a sub-genre of house music similar in structure to deep house, but providing elements of ethnic or “indigenous” musical percussions (most typically of African or South American origin, and thus reminiscient of “tribal” music within those contintents). Oddly, though, “tribal house” refers more to the fact that those characteristic beats are created digitally (drum machines, samplers) rather than live!
The beats still retain the staple 4/4 measure, but generally, instead of the standard kick and snare, more percussive sounds such as congas, bongos, shakers, cabasas, surdos and cuicas are used to create the “sound”. More recently, percussion from the Asian continent (such Indian tablas and Japanese taiko drums) are now being explored and utilised for greater expression.
Tribal house is a fusion of various styles of dance music (in the same way that Latin House blends elements of soulful to harder-edged styles), and can range from uplifting and cheerful to dark and aggressive in mood – hence, there is a tendency to classify this style within the genre of “hard house”, because the drums are more dominant within musical pieces.
Artists and DJs within this sub-genre include the likes of Roger Sanchez, Ralphi Rosario, Robbie Rivera, Chus and Ceballos, and Junior Vasquez.
Article by DJ Brother C for Pressure Radio