The Seminal Sessions 25-Oct-16 DJ Semi

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The Seminal Sessions – DJ Semi – 25-Oct-16

A Bunch of Souls – You & You (Original)
Detroit Swindle – Boston (Damiano Von Erckert’s “There’s No Inbetween” Interpretation)
Carla Prather, Silvia Zaragoza, Franc?ois A. – Body Language
Max Paparella, Justin Imperiale – Bai’O (Original Mix)
Leg Jazz – Janksnk (Original Mix)
Beat Pharmacy – Sunday (Original Mix)
Adani & Wolf – Angel’s Share (Original Mix)
Boorane – Floor Work (Original Mix)
Hoito – Believe (Mix)
A Bunch of Souls – Bittersweet (Original)
Brian Power, Rebecca Scales – So Long Gone (Eric Kupper Mix)
Cristian Fascelli – Old School (David Zor Remix)
Andrew Beat – Grown (Dennis Cruz Remix)
Adriak – Cheers (Original Mix)
Babis Del – Piano Piano (Stanny Abram Remix)
Dave Ross – Sensual Healing (Balearic Mix)
Andy Reynolds – Hear That (Original Mix)
Barker & Baumecker – Cipher (Original Mix)
Akila, Zanetti – Quentin Joy (Petrix Remix)
Albert Hipman, Federico Mandelli, Max (Italy) – A1 (Original Mix)
Bolumar – Auslage (Original Mix) – Poison (Original Mix)

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