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Funky Street Weekly pick 6-Feb-2011

8 February 2011

Tom Glide And The Luv All Stars Feat. Tio “Luv Is Comin Up” (Expansion)

This has been around for a few weeks now and it’s the UK’s Expansion Records that has picked it up and presents us with this quality package from Paris’ Tom Glide. There’s a very retro feel to it (although there is one upfront mix for the deep house heads) as the male vocal sends out a ‘hope message’. With mixes to suit most tastes there’s four house and four soul cuts, I’m finding it difficult to choose between them. At a push though I would say Yse’s mood lighting & double garage mixes do it on the uptempo front, whilst Cool Million and Tam & Jay’s party mixes just shade the others on the soul tip.

(Frank Ainsworth)

Funky Street is broadcast every Friday 6-8pm GMT

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