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Internet Radio on itunes

25 April 2011

How to listen to internet Radio on Itunes

  1. If you dont have iTunes installed on your PC or MAC then download it from here
  2. Run iTunes
  3. Once iTunes is running you should see the RADIO option top left as shown below (red arrow)

    Itunes Internet Radio option
  4. How to enable the itunes Radio option (if you dont see it)  from the FILE menu select Preferences as shown in the image below:-
    how to select itunes preferences 
  5. Click the itunes preferences to bring up the itunes configuration and enable itunes radio as follows.  From the GENERAL tab make sure the Radio tick box is ticked (as shown in the image below) then select OK:-how to enable itunes radio itunes preferences image 
  6. Now when you run itunes you should see the option for itunes radio.
  7. How to find radio station.   Example shows how to listen to Pressure Radio (a Soulful House music radio station) how to find radio stations on itunes
  8. You can also make iTunes the default player for certain media file types including .m3u .pls etc. then it will automatically launch itunes when you select listen links on internet radio stations or a short cut path such as  or   click here for how to do this on windows 7
  9. If you found this article helpfull  feel free to pass the information on to help others.

Pressure Radio is internet radio station broadcasting Deep Soulful House music 24/7  with Live DJ presenters from early evening (uk time) to the small hours of the night and most of the weekend.            ( other ways to listen to Pressure Radio )



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