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internet radio

10 May 2011

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House Music Demo track submission dropbox

Written by on 10 May 2011

Send your house music Promo track for radio airplay Here at Pressure we support artists, record labels, digital distribution networks and we are indipendant not for profit and only do this because love to play hot new music. Send us your  Soulful House, Deep House, Gospel House, Tribal House, Broken Beat & Nu Jazz demo tracks […]

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2 May 2011

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how internet radio works

Written by on 2 May 2011

We get asked this question on many occasions so thought it was worth creating this document to simply explain how Internet radio works. How Internet radio works diagram The Music Source The music source can be all manor of systems and devices many Internet radio stations just have an online collection of MP3 songs stored […]

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25 April 2011

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Internet Radio on itunes

Written by on 25 April 2011

How to listen to internet Radio on Itunes If you dont have iTunes installed on your PC or MAC then download it from here Run iTunes Once iTunes is running you should see the RADIO option top left as shown below (red arrow)   How to enable the itunes Radio option (if you dont see it)  […]

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14 April 2011

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internet radio in your car

Written by on 14 April 2011

This in car internet radio unit was revealed last year at CES  and BMW were rumoured to be the first to offer a factory fitted option. However it still seems a way off for most car manufactures to offer Internet radio as an option. It could be current mobile phone networks are against it due to […]

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