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8 June 2011

Jose Carretas feat.Tamara Wellons - The Way You Are

Jose Carretas feat.Tamara Wellons – The Way You Are (Son Liva)

Sweet voiced Tamara Wellons provides the lyrics and the vocals on this latest release from London label Son Liva. Main man Jose Carretas delivers two mixes with the original and an alternative deep mix, Juan Fierros soft percussive intro has a nice little organ riff about 3 minutes in before Tamara joins the fray, Anto Vitale adds a live double bass on his mix and my favourite, Ross Hillard’s Magic Number mix takes it to just where I like it; a funky snare drum, a lovely rolling bass guitar, discreet percussion and nagging keyboard sections do it for me. Ms Wellons vox is superbly soulful on this outing which further enhances Son Livas reputation for quality releases.

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