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Pressure Radio Google Plus Social network +1

21 July 2011

Pressure Radio Deep Soulful house radio Google Pluss +1
Click here to Hook up with us at Google Plus

Google Plus is the new Social Media system by internet giant Google with a nice simple interface and some very slick features like Circle where you can seperate your circles of Freinds, work colleague, Family or make your own circles.

Not got Google plus? (its invite only in its early days so send us a message via our contact page and we can send you an invite)

You will also notice some Google +1 buttons around the site This is a bit like the Facebook Like buttons and is basically a way to tell your friends about the things you like. We have buttons on each page and each blog post so please press as many as you can but only press them if their Grey if they are dark blue then you have pressed it already so don’t press again.  So let your friends know where you can listen to Deep Soulful House music radio


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