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Vocal Booth Weekender 2015 live broadcasts

7 September 2015

The Vocal Booth Weekender 2015 live from Spain 11-18th September 2015 – Full info here

As well as a line-up of some of the top names and underground dj’s in the deep soulful house genre playling poolside and in the clubs we also have a dedicated room for Pressure Radio “The Pressure Cooker” where we have a selection of DJ’s including up-and-coming and familiar names broadcast live.

Please note the times are SPANISH TIME (So if you are in the UK don’t forget to tune in 1 hour ahead of the times below)
vocal booth weekender 2015 live broadcast from Pressure Cooker

You can join the Pressure Cooker live in the chat room  and there are many ways to listen also on apps such as tune-in

Or listen on our own Pressure Radio app Android Phone App    iphone & ipad app

For those attending this year we also have a Pressure Night on Wednesday 16th September (you will need a VB2015 wrist band and ID to get in) we will try and record this for those not going.


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