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deep house radio

29 May 2019

Seems like it’s safe to use the genre term DEEP HOUSE again after it was hijacked a few years ago by a new generation playing a harsher less sophisticated and grimy music form which they annoyingly called Deep House.

Not sure who where or when it started borrowing the name, but after a couple of years it seems safe again for us fans of the original Deep House to start using the name again.

The last few years here on Pressure Radio we favoured the term Soulful House Radio and that’s what we have always ranked well for on google search engine etc.

We are now hard to find if you Search DEEP HOUSE RADIO, somehow with your help we need to reclaime the tag back.

Please use the term Deep House Radio when linking to us <a title=”Deep house Radio” href=””>Deep House Radio</a>

which will look like this Deep House Radio

#deephouse #deephouseradio


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