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23 July 2013

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c2eMusic Radio Show 11-jul-13 Lights Out

Written by on 23 July 2013

This is one for the deep heads, plenty of b-line and very little singing with a huge UK undercurrent. Some show’s are like projects and very well planned, some are done with a direction and feel in mind, others are spur of the moment but with tunes that I’m familiar with. This session is non […]

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19 January 2013

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The Seminal Sessions 15-Jan-13 DJ Semi

Written by on 19 January 2013

The Seminal Sessions – DJ Semi – 15-Jan-13 Kulintronica – Calling My Name (Julius Papp Dub Remix) Makoto featuring Lori Fine – You’re Divine John Carpenter – Escape from New York Theme Finnebassen – Bleedin Out Matthias Heilbronn – To The Rescue (Matthias Heilbronn’s BKNY Vocal) AtJazz & Fred Everything – The Beast and the […]

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11 December 2012

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c2eMusic Radio Show – 06-dec-12 – Melbourne To Sydney

Written by on 11 December 2012

Download The Mix here No this isn’t some strange travel related naming convention coming up. It’s just that these past few weeks have been HECTIC with lot’s of travel so the only time I get to listen to new music is while sitting in long tin sausages with wings on. Now for those of you […]

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1 December 2012

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c2e Radio Show – 22-Nov-12 – Sydney To Singapore

Written by on 1 December 2012

I put this show together while on a long haul flight up to Singapore. Well what else are you going to do while stuck in a tin can for 8 hours?! The actual show varied from the original idea with much more disco than planned. The majority of the mix is deep with a big […]

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7 November 2012

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DavideB – Deep in Love unshowered session-

Written by on 7 November 2012

Brothers and Sisters! Here is a bonus session  i recorded last saturday It is unplanned, unprepared and unshowered! It is packed with deep n dirty tunes and a few classics towards the end. There will be slight volume swings in the beginning, but it´s been recorded with a vintage analog mixer i just got and […]

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