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c2eMusic Radio Show 11-jul-13 Lights Out

23 July 2013

This is one for the deep heads, plenty of b-line and very little singing with a huge UK undercurrent.

Some show’s are like projects and very well planned, some are done with a direction and feel in mind, others are spur of the moment but with tunes that I’m familiar with. This session is non of the above. Made up as we go along with tracks I don’t know. Very risky as the mix could take a change for the worse and lose momentum in just one track. That’s what I fully expected to happen this week, the tunes I had bought didn’t have any solid stand out tracks you could build a mix around. I was worried (my wife can confirm!)
It resulted in a very different sounding c2eMusic mix, one that starts deep, gets deeper, stays deep and and ends on a crazy chilled deep tip. No transition to the vocals, just DEEEEEP with a bit of deepness on the side :).
Again maybe it’s the influence of the people in the chatroom, Laurie, Paul G, Kev, BG, Jules, Mandy T that kept it on this vybe. They were enjoying and giving great feedback, so we kept cracking on.
Have to call out Ross Couch & Nick Moss – they’ve figured in the last few shows. It’s not a conscious decision but they are on FIRE so impossible not to play at least one of their tracks these days. Good on ya fellas long may it continue. The same goes for Dave Lee and Sean McCabe but this week they didn’t figure purely because of where the show was going. True legends of the scene and a big influence on my sound and style.
There is a monster of a tune in here towards the end, I won’t say which one, not hard for you to work it out but it sure got the chatroom bouncing.
For those that like their “Detroit Swindle”, Kyodai bouncy chunky deep house sound this set is for you.
For the rest of you, this one is best consumed with the lights out and the volume turned up. Just watch those bass bins………..I’m tellin ya!


1: Medlar – Carry It
2: Khalil – Dawgg (Desos Remix)
3: Chris Minus, Mr V – The End (Oliver $ Reconstruction)
4: Harry Wolfman – Ghost Notes
5: Detroit Swindle – The Break Up
6: Black Loops – Right Now
7: Jakobin & Domino – Catch Me
8: James Dexter – Hot Feelings
9: Quell – Some Time
10: Dale Howard – Go Away
11: Groove Assassin – Still Playing House
12: Beatamines, David Jach – Swaggin
13: Kraak & Smaak – The Future Is Yours (Detroit Swindle Revox)
14: Rosenaft – Wish
15: Ross Couch – Can’t Get Enough
16: Roberto Rodriguez (Manolo), Max C – Lies (Kyodai Remix)
17: Jason Lee Ward – Deep (Jason Lee Ward)
18: Till Von Sein, Tigerskin – Bang Alter
19: Glimpse – L Plate (Tom De Mac Remix)
20: TK – Dum
21: Jason Lee Ward – Broken Record
22: Young Hand – Break It Down
23: Detroit Swindle – The Make Up
24: Elise – Poseidon (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)



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