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soulful garage

7 May 2014

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Si Sutton 4-May-14 Intellidantzia

Written by on 7 May 2014

Hi Everyone, So yet again we have a Bank Holiday here in the UK, whilst the rest of the world celebrates La Cinco De Mayo, or at least the Mexicans celebrate & the French accept it as just another battle amongst many they’ve lost along the way. We on the other hand treat a Bank […]

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2 March 2014

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Si Sutton 23-Feb-14 Intellidantzia

Written by on 2 March 2014

Hey Everyone, So last time I hit you with some soulful business as well as a bumpy number, with this weeks offering taking things deeper. We do kick off a little up tempo, just to get the blood pumping & draw you in before things ebb & flow in a world where basslines flourish, drumbeats […]

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3 February 2014

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Si Sutton 26-Jan-14 Intellidantzia

Written by on 3 February 2014

Hey Everyone, So this week I jumped on early to cover, so that means you have 3hrs of tasty tuneage to go at here. I must confess, I wasnt planning to do the extra, but had the music in my folder & a rough idea of how I envisiaged they might go together, so just […]

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24 November 2013

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Si Sutton 17-Nov-13 Intellidantzia

Written by on 24 November 2013

Hey Everyone, So I’m back on air after a couple of weeks away & other than jus the joy of getting back to playing great music, I also bought me some new toys, with this show being their on-air debut… Its a different way of playing to that which Im used to, however, its one […]

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