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Si Sutton 17-Nov-13 Intellidantzia

24 November 2013

Hey Everyone,

So I’m back on air after a couple of weeks away & other than jus the joy of getting back to playing great music, I also bought me some new toys, with this show being their on-air debut… Its a different way of playing to that which Im used to, however, its one Ive been meaning to dip my toe into & guess what, the water was warm with just the right amount of foam smiley Ive still got a lot of learning to do before it becomes second nature, but I hope you guys will agree, its added a new dimension. So for this inaugral set, we went mostly deeper, a touch jazzy, even got a lil jackin, some beautiful soulful vocals & rounded off with a classic on a tracklist that went like this:

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DJ Pope ft Sheila Ford – Moody State Of Mind (Blak Beat Niks State Of Mind Mix)
Urban Sound Lab ft Selina Campbell – Nothing New (Phil Asher Remix)
Angel Moraes ft Neysa Malone – Rise Above The Game (Sam Skilz Remix)
A Deeper Groove –Potsdammer (June Lopez ft Tommy Hogunz Afro Latin Vox)
Gershon Jackson Byron Stingily Mike Dunn-Father (Garphie’s Soulheaven Vox)
DJ Angelo – Let The Music Play (Rhemi)
Soulfunktion Ft Pryce Oliver – Unconditional (Roads 2 Dub)
RedSoul – Higher (Jay Vegas Dub)
Marco Lys – Jazz Thang (Orig)
Gregory Porter – 1960 What (GA Kapow)
Grand High Priest ft Dajae – Mary, Mary (Altered Natives Vox)
Perpetual Groove vs Kody & Leftwing – You Were
Sharon Pass & Steve Silk Hurley – The Word Is Love (Fulvio Perniola Anthem Mix)
Marlena Shaw – Woman of the Ghetto (Flume’s Jackin House Mix)
Soulful Session & Leanne – Mr. Weather Man (M&S Sure Shot Vox)
Samuri & Divided Souls ft Gina Dunn – Hard To Find (No Verse Mix Extd)
C-Major (SA) – Another Level (Room 806 Deep Journey Mix)
Born I Music & Oscar P ft C. Scott – That Fly Shtt (Cubique DJ CB)
Longfield – I Won’t Let You Go Away (orig)
Deep Xcape ft Oliver – Should Have Been
Loose Ends – Hangin’ On A String (Frankie Knuckles)

So I hope you enjoy this as much as I did – my thanks as always go out to everyone that joined me in the chat, all the silent listeners & you guys the Podders. Catch me next time on Sundays, 8pm till 10, Pressure Radio

Si Sutton


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