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Si Sutton 23-Feb-14 Intellidantzia

2 March 2014

Hey Everyone,

So last time I hit you with some soulful business as well as a bumpy number, with this weeks offering taking things deeper. We do kick off a little up tempo, just to get the blood pumping & draw you in before things ebb & flow in a world where basslines flourish, drumbeats pound & vocals soar through ones soul. To say Im pleased with this is an understatement – I listened to it in its entirety on my drive to work & wanted to drive straight back again to listen once more 🙂 Its deep & in some instances very deep, but it doesnt get too dirty & as its me, well you know there’s always soul infused in everything I do, with a tracklist this week that goes like this….

The Shazam Experience – Venus To Mars (DJ Mark Brickman Re-Rub)

Francesco Sansone ft Simona Effe – Follow (Club)

Woolie Ballsax – Upside Down (Orig)

Corrado Rizza ft Desy Moore – I Can’t Fight It (Eric Kupper)

Rhemi ft Nicole Mitchell – Tired (Rhemi Main)

Eman & Doc Link – Message To The Househeads (Dj J’Shon’s Stripdownx)

Carolyn Harding – Some Other Time (Miss Luna Deep Vocx)

Darque ft Maiya – Keep On Trying (Orig)

Mind Street ft Jalley – Morning Light (Soul Fortune Dawn)

Da Capo & Punk ft Mark – Shine (Tribute To Mark)

The Sunchasers ft MJ White – Let It Flow (Orig)

Doc Link – Be Water (Rubies)

Dimi Stuff ft Lydia Scarfo – If It’s Real (Souldynamic Dub)

JoioDJ ft Jenny Cruz – You Got Me Pt. 2 (Domenico Albanese)

Punk ft Magic Soul – I Can Read Your Mind (orig)

Harley&Muscle ft Kenny Bobien – I Love You (Alessandro Crimi Deep)

Ntsako ft Tumi – Thand’ Umuntu (Bakk3’s Deeper Dub)

MAQman ft Joseph Junior – Can’t Do Without It (MAQman Stripped)

Darque ft Lwazi – Free Our Minds (Original Mix)

The Advocate ft Cei Bei – Love Will Save The Day (Twisted Rush)

So thats it for another week, I do hope you enjoy this as much as I have, with my thanks as always going out to the chat, the silent listeners & you guys thats pull this podcast. Incedently, the stats on the two previous sets had the Bumpy winning by about 3 to 1, so I will be very interested to see how well this set does, but as usual, please let me know, leave feedback or comments & I will do what I can to address anything I can. Till next time then, Sunday’s 8pm-10pm on Pressure Radio-in-the-place-to-be for Deep Soulful House & US Garage. 10yrs still going strong!

Si Sutton


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