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The Brother C’s “Risin’ “, Sat 23 Oct ’10

23 October 2010

Track-listing 23 October ’10:

Beach HoppersKeep Dreaming (Eskadet  Moonlight Version)

Rasmus Faber feat. Dyanna FearonYes (The Realm Vocal Remix)

Wayne Gardiner feat. JahzaraAlways In My Dreams (Main Vox Mix)

Hippie Torrales feat. Rosie GainesNever Quite The Same (B.O.P. Classic Groove Mix 2)

Hippie Torrales & George Mena feat. Robin Reed – Wastelands (Dolls Combers Vocal Mix)

The Layabouts feat. Shea Soul  Perfectly (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)

Mr. Jones feat. Marsden – Ape Men (Mr. Jones’ Evolved Mix)

Jamie Anderson & Owain K – Freerider (Soul Minority Remix)

DJ Nibc – Hold On (Original)

Eskadet – Elements Of Distorsion (Solitudes EP)

Masters At Work – Tribute To Fela Kuti (MAW Expensive Mix)

Shovell & The Latin Hooligans – Soul Makossa (Original Mix)

Munchies – Are You (Tom Drummond Remix)

Reunion – Strange Attention (Seiji Instrumental Remix)(The Instrumentals Session EP)

Ludovic Allen – Iberial

DJ Oji feat. Una – We Lift Our Hands In The Sanctuary (95 North Classic Remix Vocal)

Barbara Tucker & Tuccillo – One Desire (Alix Alvarez New Vox)

Alex Garcia – My Joy (Park St. Remix)

Earnshaw & Giles – Deja Vu (Main Musical Mission)



…and here’s the download link…

…hope you enjoy – as always, thanks to all who locked on…



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