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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 21st Nov 2010 playlist & download

2 December 2010

Hey Guys n Gals,

Heres the link & track list to last nights show… Had a great time revisiting a few from the back of the stack & greeting some hot new releases along the way

Tracklist (Playlist)

Random Soul ft Tim Fuller –Let Love Fly (dutchian soul)
Neo –A Night in Marseille (soulful brothers)
Mary J Blige –Love It or Hate It (redsoul)
Chuck Love – Bongos n Sh*t
The Streets – Weak Become Heroes (ashley beadle)
Shazz –The Inner Side of 99 (lenny Fontana deep horn vox)
Sunburst Band –Rough Times (sean mccabe)
Terry Hunter ft KJ Rose – Face Your Fears (terry’s club)
Carolyn Harding – Pick it Up (john cutler)
Greg Gautier –Shy (greg & tony loreto)
Woz ft T.T.D’Arby –Cool September (woz sundrenched vox)
Sun Sun Sun –Curious (l vega vox)
Wawa ft Eddie Amador – The After Party (main)
Reel People ft Jag – Second Guess (grant nelson)
Dj Man-X ft Vick Lavender & Shawnee Taylor –Happy Endings (sunset nights vox)
Patrick Green ft Brooklyn Red – Shine Your Light On Me (restless soul)
AG Thomas – The 1, 2. (reel soul)
Park Street ft Rainy Payne –Ex Ray (jonny Montana & craig stewart)Anita Baker –Whatever It Takes (k w griff underground)
Dru Hill –Beauty Was Her Name (tony loreto)

Big thanks to all those that joined us in the chat & I cant wait till next week J

8pm-10pm on a Sunday…..Here on Pressure Radio


Si Sutton


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