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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 27-Mar-11

29 March 2011

Hey Guys n Gals,

So this week I looked at doing something to honour the sad passing of Loletta Hollaway.
I didnt want to just play everything she’s ever done, so instead went mostly back in time
to tracks that had some sort of meaning, albeit it loosely, to the impact she has had on
me & the loss to the music industry as a whole. The first hour is pretty up n bumpy,
with the second a little deeper & more poignant in its message.

Unexpiring Direct Download Link

Tracklist / Playlist
Raw Silk – Do It To The Music (roots rawka dub)
DJ MFR ft D’Layan – You Are (vincent kwok)
LLV – Elements of Life (Earnshaw’s Bootleg)
Loletta Holloway – Dreamin’ (Si’s STG Edit)
Jephte Guillaume – Shining Your Way (Muthafunkin dub)
Accap – Loletta Holloway – What Goes Around
Accap – Loletta Holloway – Crash Goes Love
Dawn Tallman – You Are Why (RC’s dub)
Dawn Tallman – You Are Why (RC’s vox)
Crico Castelli – Through Changes (cricos orig)
Connie Harvey – Thank You Lord (Jasks Unspoken Vox)
Silicon Soul vs EBTG – Exqusitely Wrong (white label)
Grant Nelson – Life (GN’s Discovery mix)
Arnold Jarvis – Love of My Life (main)
Peven Everett – Cant Do Without (Aaron Ross)
Steve Paradise ft Kiara – Star in The Blue (orig)
Park Street ft Kaysee – Summer Love (Pk St Lush mix)
DJ MFR – Azziza (Movida rework)
Frankie Knuckles – Gimme (Si Sutton Gimme Music edit)
South Street Player – Who Keeps Changin Your Mind (Karousel mix)
DJ Romain ft Daryl D’Bonneau – Its the Spririt (Souldynamic Deep mix)
Seminal Groove – Spirit (Euan Mitchell)
MuSol vs Jinx vs Gladys Knight – If I Was Your Woman

I hope you all enjoy listening as much as I did playing it
& my thanks go out to everbody in the chat
& all the silent listeners everywhere.
I shall be back next week, same time 8pm-10pm gmt on Pressure Radio,

THE housemusic station for anyone with a soul

Si Sutton


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