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DOWNTOWN* SOULCAST 101 – Miloe – 16th-Jul-11

20 July 2011

*Contains traces of music to touch the soul

  1. Clara Hill – Restless Times (Recloose Remix – Vocal)
  2. Stephanie Cooke – Feels So Good (Mindsoul Guitar Mix)
  3. Bossruu Ft Wandle – Ngawe (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)
  4. Rocco Ft Robert Walker – I Love The Night (Atjazz Main Mix)
  5. Aphrodisiax & Afronaut Ft Sabrina Chyld – Slip Away (Nauts L8 Night dub)
  6. DJ Man x Ft Sara Devine – All I Need Is You (Man x’s Sunset Night Vocal Mix)
  7. Donae’O – I (Sean McCabe Remix)
  8. DeepCitySoul Ft Jacqui George – We All Fall Down (Guy Robin Vocal Mix)
  9. PolyRhythm – You In Mind (Main Mix)
  10. Juno What-! – Don’t Wake (Matthew Bandy’s Classic Limestone Mix)
  11. Leon Ware – On The Beach (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)
  12. Khyan – When You Cared (KHYAN Original Mix)
  13. Phil Asher & A.C. Layne Ft Baby Sol – We Can Make It Happen (Vox Dub)
  14. t3N – Live 4 Now (Original)
  15. Youandewan – 1988 (Original Mix)
  16. Lulu Fall – Its Official (Monophunk Remix)
  17. Trouble Men Ft Colonel Abrams – Hurt My Feelings (Trouble Men Remix)
  18. The O’ Jays – Put Our Hands Together (Joey Negro Re-edit)


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