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DOWNTOWN* SOULCAST 102 – Miloe – 23-Jul-11

3 August 2011

*Contains traces of music to touch the soul

Apologies for the delay in posting last weeks playlist, things have just got in the way. Creative things though so i hope you can forgive me.

  1. Elemi – Nscape N2 The Deep (Deep Mix)
  2. Vahagn – Relapse (original Mix)
  3. Jazzmatik Ft Missum – And Other Worlds (Jazzmatik Body Kohesion Mix)
  4. Lem Sprinsteen – Seize the Moment (Cubanix & Tony’s Unique Mix)
  5. Pawal Kobak Ft Emma – Washaway (Remix)
  6. Tarantulaz Ft Tiffany Loren – I Wasn’t Kidding (The Layabouts Future Retro Vocal Mix)
  7. Nathan G Ft Alexander East – The Promise (Luvbug Vocal Mix)
  8. Alton Miller Ft Abacus – Ever Wonder (Unreleased Mix)
  9. Alton Miller Ft Abacus – Ever Wonder (King Sunshine Broken Beat Mix)
  10. t3N – Live 4 Now (Original)
  11. Khyan – Not For You (Khyan Funky Mix)
  12. Thulipilis – Singing Piano (Miloe’s Soul Twins House Journey Mix)
  13. Shur-I-Khan – Music Box
  14. RedSoul Ft Carla Prather – Save Me (Sean McCabe Remix)
  15. Stephanie Cooke – Feels So Good (Jose Carretas Son Liva Vocal)
  16. Juno What-! – Don’t Wake (Matthew Bandy’s Classic Limestone Mix)
  17. DJ Spen pres Mark Evans & N’dinga Gaba – My Heart Remembers (N’Dinga’s Main Mix)
  18. Si Tew – Need To Grow (Yoruba Soul Remix)
  19. Greg Dorban Ft Nicole Tyler – Such A Shame (Filin Brake Deepah Cut Mix)
  20. Bossruu Ft Wandile – Ngawe (Atjazz Love soul Remix)

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