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Si Sutton Intellidantzia on Pressure 25th Sept 11

27 September 2011

Hi Guys n Gals,

So this was a very special show for me – 6mnths off air due to day job & first set back after yet another outstanding Vocal Booth – Emotions were running high & with my soul still singing, I tried to recapture the many flavours of the VB family vybe Id just experienced, from full on Friday night to etheral poolside symphonia. This isnt a collection of 20 best tracks I heard at VB, but rather a musical sampler of what it feels like to be a family member – A joyous journey through Deep Soulful  House Music 🙂

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Shuya Okino ft Navasha Daya – Still in Love (orig)

Shuya Okino ft Navasha Daya – Still in Love (Spen)

Grant Nelson ft Jean McClain – Step 2 Me (Shane D)

Raze – Break 4 Love (Matt Jam Lamont)

DJN Project ft Drea D’Nur – Musiq (Soulmagic dub)

Lovebirds – Want You in My Soul (club)

Tarantulaz ft Tiffany Loren – I Wasnt Kidding (vox)

Quentin Harris ft Ultra Nate – Give It To You (Knuckles)

KOT ft April – Take Me Back (Simon Mattson deep mix)

Elz & Elise – Soul Power (Ruben Mancias)

Souparlour – Nothing Ever Changes

B.O.P.  – Havent Been Funkd Enuff (BOP till u drop mix)

Shuya Okino – Destiny (MdCL vs KJM)

Neil Pierce ft Taliwa – Time is Now (orig)

Osaze ft Jaidene Veda – Sunday (Phlash)

Nature Love – U Turn Me Around (Karu jazz mix)

Carlos Vargas ft Nicole Mitchell – Missing You (GA deepa mix)

Yohann Levems ft Donna Hidalgo – Easy to Love (Carlos Vargas)

Donaeo – I (Sean McCabe)

The Rurals ft Ladybird – Stay True (orig)

Llorca – My Precious Thing (Ian Pooley)


Thank you to one & all that joined me in the chat & to all those that share in the experience on the D/L

Till next time, keep it soulful, make it Pressure Radio

Si Sutton


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