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Si Sutton 6-nov-11 Intellidantzia on Pressure

8 November 2011

Hi Guys n Gals,

Well, as the weather here in the UK has finally started to turn Autumnal, I decided to turn up the heat at Intellidantzia & bring you a main room, “lets get hott n groovy”, kinda set. We dont go much above 123bpm, but for most of the show we were pumping like a stray dog on a Vicars leg. So download & save this show for all the nights you wanna go out, but just cant get off the sofa……;)

Si Suttons Podcast and free download link
Si Suttons Direct mp3 download link
Track list
Alistair Colling Vs. Tortured Soul – When You Find Your Love (Jon Cutler’s Distant Mix)
Sheree Hicks – Hypnotic (Main)
Marlon D & Mena Keyz – Abu Dhubi (Main)
Ministry of Funk – Lady (Soul Deep)
Eddie Matos – Hypnotized (Joshua Iz Vizual mix)
Elements Of Life ft Lisa Fischer – Love Will Know (Spellband Remx)
Jasper Street Co. – Fly Away (Frankie Knuckles Remx)
Lady Alma – Running For Nothing (Universal Sun Vocal Remx)
AphroDisiax ft Nicole Mitchell – Somebody Save Me (Orig ‘Church’ Mix)
Daniel Bovie, Roy Rox ft Capitol A РThe Jam Feat(Den H̩trix)
Sound Control ft Michelle McCain – Bring Back That Jazz (Vison X Club Mix)
Piranhahead ft Erik King – The Pickup (orig)
The Pipesmokers – Gypsy Wondering (pipesmokers)
Accap – Diana Ross – Love Hangover
Cookie Monsterz ft Michelle Weeks – Spread Love (Reelsoul The Oasis On Pico Dub)
Honey Dijon ft Dajae – Until The Day (orig)
Chris Rob – Ghetto People (Guy Robin vox)
Franck Roger – When Animals Manifest
Accap – Luther Vandross – Heaven Can Wait
Aphreme & Tigrano Ft Cei Bei – What Do I Do (Jonny Montana)
Jovonn ft Hosanna Littlebird – Show Me (vox mix)

So thats it for another fortnight, thank you all once again & be sure to look out for the next installment in two weeks, or simply subscribe for free & get notification to your inbox & never miss another show full of the best in deep soulful house music….

Si Sutton


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