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Si Sutton Intellidantzia on Pressure 4th Dec 2011

6 December 2011

Hey Guys n Gals, So as the last couple of shows have been main room & back room, this falls somewhere in the middle – Some nice up n bumpy along with proppa deepness. My thanks go out to Rich EP & Ronan C for sending me their excellent productions & as always, everyone in the chat, the silent listeners & you guys, the podcast crew smiley

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DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz – Oh I (Miss You)

DJN Project vs Maurice Joshua – Feel For You (Ospina/Oscar P)

Andy Ward ft Nica Brooke – Find My Way (Shane D Rework)

Pat Bedeau & Steve Gurley – Affection (True2Life Vox)

DJ Fudge ft Chappell – Heaven (main)

Tony Lionni – Found A Place

Groove Committee – I Want You to Know (Victor Simonelli)

UBP pres Mother of Pearl ft Pearlie Mae – Your Heaven (Guy Robin Bootleg)

Hedi Benromdam ft Chappell – New Day (Sax Spoken Vox)

Agev Munsen & Roland Clark – The Thing About Deep (Mr. V Nu Disco Remix ft. Rico Delargo)

Ralph Gum ft Monique Bingham – Kissing Strangers (Dj LeRoi & Ray Jones dub)

Chic – Good Times (Ronan C’s FINEST Mix)

Stereo Mutants ft Jermaine – Always About You (Mr Moon)

K-Bana ft Orlando Vaughn – True to You (Pete Gust)

The Muthafunkaz ft Marc Evans – I Do Love You [alliwannado] (orig)

Andy Ward & Random Soul – Rise of the Hammond (RS Deep Wash)

Kemal ft Foxxee – City Street Walkin (organ dub)

The Defloristics ft Gary Poole – And She (Rob’s Electrified mix)

Knee Deep ft Sheena – Mysterious (Fred everything Lazy Dub)

Jellybeean ft Pepper – Shady Clouds (Guy Robin Club)

Earth Wind & Fire – Devotion (Maurice Joshua)

Mange Le Funk – I Still Want You (orig)


I hope you will enjoy this & I will be back on Pressure Radio with another episode before Christmas.

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Si Sutton


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