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Si Sutton Intellidantzia on Pressure 15th Jan T12

19 January 2012

Hi Guys n Gals,
First up an apology – my internet was playing up & I wasnt able to broadcast, but recorded the show anyway, so this episode doesnt have a talkover, just the quality music you’ve come to expect. It starts off quite chilled, but quickly picks up the pace & then deepens halfway through, ending on a latin tip but remaining soulful throughout.

Podcast Link to listen again or download

Track list

Soldiers of Twilight – Believe (Demon Ritchie)
UPZ ft Kafele – Believing (Black Sauce vox)
Andy Ward – The Family (VBW09 Inspiration Mix)
Kenny Dope ft Josh Milan – Be Your Freak (Kenny Dope O’Gutta mix)
Tom Budden – Solitaire (orig)
Soneec, Lauer, Canard ft Virag – Sun Worshippers (orig)
Soulmagic ft Louis Hale & J-Sun – Love in the Club (Classic)
Musol vs Seb Skalski ft Diana Ross – Aint No Mountain
Fantastic Plastic Machine – Love is Psychedelic (Full Spoken mix)
Digitaline – Africa (orig)
James Dexter – Give Me Something
Eltonnick ft NaakMusiQ – Ndiyindoda (Klevakeys)
Gerd – Palm Leaves (Mr Fingers Afropsychojungledub)
JT Donaldson & Fred Everything ft Mr White – Read My Mind (orig)
Salvatore Agrosi ft Wayne Tennant – Let Me In (Dolls Comber)
Hosanna Littlebird – Can Love Again (Jovonn Next Moov Club)
Irfan Rainy & Rex Leon ft Vaceo – Singer of Songs (Club mix)
BTK ft Steve Downes – What It Means (Ananda Project Full vox)
4 Da People – 4 My People
Pablo Fierro – La Libertad (Justin Imperiale)
Fantastic Plastic Machine – Whistle Song (Sunaga’t Experience vox)

My thanks go out to all those downloading & I will be back live on Pressure next week giving you more quality Soulful house Music.

Si Sutton


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