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Si Sutton Intellidantzia on Pressure 29th Jan T12

31 January 2012

Hi Guys n Gals,
So I bought myself a huge external drive to backup my data & as I was tidying up & filing I kept noticing tracks I havent played in a looong time & thats just a crime, so rather than swamp you with hottt new shizz, here’s a show thats mostly back of the stack, its deep n soulful with a few twists n turns to keep you guessing….

Track list
Si Sutton – Burnt Stronger
Trackheadz – All My Love
Brandy – Who is She? (FTL dub)
Brandy – Who is She? (FTL club)
Curtis Mayfield – Freddies Dead (Roots Vox)
Dom Navarra vs Beyonce (Si Sutton Lonely Summertime Bootleg)
Alicia Keys – Troubles (Jay J & Chris Lum Moulton Studio)
Sade – Never Thought Id See The day (Scott Wozniac)
Robin Thicke – Lost Without You (Alex Dimitri South Soul retouch)
Phlash & Toni – Transcend Me (Soul Mix)
Marlon D – Come To God (Benji Candelario)
Chris Lum & Jay J ft Shawn Benson – Stronger (83 West dub)
Peech Boys – Need You Now (John Mateo Rendition)
Tyrone Cooper ft Amera Light – Dirrrrty House (Raw Silk Edit)
Art Jones ft Tshedi – Listen With Your Soul (CWB’s Capitol mix)
Troy Carter ft Dana El Masri – Changing (Richard Earnshaw Deep)
Montana Stewart ft Kafele – Love Is The Key (Clemens Rumpf)
Jon Cutler ft Pete Simpson – Running (Jimmy Zulu Slow Bang)
Andy Ward & Deep Josh – Do You Remember Reach (Si Sutton 4getit edit)
Jocelyn Brown – I Love You (Groove Assassin)

I truly hope you enjoyed this lil trip through time. My thanks go out to everyone that listens or downloads & I will be back with another episode on Pressure Radio before you can say deep soulful house, well ok, but soon any way

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