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C2E Music Weekly Show 15-3-2012 – Dave Lee Special

17 March 2012

Chance to hear last Thursday’s C2E Music show on Pressure.  We paid homage to the legend that is Dave Lee in his many guises.

Link the other C2E Podcasts in cuding past Pressure shows

Enjoy and look forward to seeing you in the chatroom next Thursday at 9pm Sydney Time (10am GMT).

Very special show this week on Pressure Radio.
C2E music is proud to pay homage to an absolute legend – Dave Lee.

Head honcho of Z Records. Now some of you may may know him as Joey Negro, Mistura, Sessomatto, Doug Willis, Agora, Akabu, Mistura, Foreal People, Brad Shitt, Prospect Park, Raven Maize, Raw Essense,Z Factor the list goes on, as well as his work in the incredible Sunburst Band.

One thing is for sure, after listening to this mix you really appreciate the energy, creativity and just plain fun the guy has brought to house music over the years.

I for one cannot imagine house music without him. Without doubt the best thing to have come out of the Isle Of White since Level 42, he’s up there with the all time legends of house and we salute you

Thanks to everyone that jumped in the chat room, safe to say Gigi is a big Dave Lee fan

The clocks are changing around the world, and it should give some of you guys on the east coat of the US a chance to tune in while your eating your breakfast, so come on down. It’s a great way to start the day and healthier than Special K.

For you folks in the UK the show will shift to be over your lunch hour. Hopefully that makes it easier for you to listen.

Have a great weekend folks and as always I look forward to your company next Thursday 9pm Sydney time for those that can make it.

1 ) Nova Fronteira – Calma
2 ) Mistura – Tonight (Joey Negro Etagui Mix)
3 ) Doug Willis – Spread Love (Joey Negro Club Mix)
4 ) Blaze – Wishing You Were Here (Joey Negro Dub – K Dope Edit)
5 ) The Sunburst Band – He Is (Joey Negro Mix)
6 ) The Sunburst Band – Until The End Of Time
7 ) The Sunburst Band – We Will Turn You On
8 ) Joey Negro ft The Tramps – Universe Of Love
9 ) Joey Negro pres Doug Willis – Music Speaks Louder Than Words
10 ) Misturu – Sweet Magic
11 ) Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band – Rough Times (Sean McCabe Dub)
12 ) Erro – Change For Me (Joey Negro Club Mix)
13 ) MAW ft India – Backfired (Joey Negro Club Mix)
14 ) The Sunburst Band – Just Do It
15 ) Foreal People – Shake
16 ) Doug Willis – Doug Dastardly
17 ) Joey Negro – Shimmering Stars
18 ) Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band – Journey To The Sun (Dennis Ferrer Mix)
19) Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band – Garden Of Love (Kaje Trackheadz Mix)
20) Motif – Let The Madness Begin
21) The Sunburst Band – Fly Away
22) Joey Negro pres Akabu – Another Generation (Joey Negro Extended Mix)
23) Gisele Jackson – Love Commandments (Joey Negro Re-Edit)


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