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C2E Pressure Radio Show – 5-apr-12 – Smooooth

1 May 2012

Download mix at

Back once again for the renegade master d4 damager…..
Well alright it should really be “back once again after technical difficulties” but it doesn’t sound as cool.
Yep there were gremlins in the system for last weeks show so it had to be called off.
Good news is Mogwai’s evil mates have now been eradicated so the show goes on.
This week C2E goes all mellow, practically all the way, which doesn’t happen often. Suffice to say there is a build up of filth occurring for next weeks show for those that like to get their ears mucky.
Fortunately for you guys I was unable to record the live show, so I’ve lovingly recreated it without my voice on the MIC
Clocks have changed pretty much everywhere now, so for the next 6 months the show will be live every Thursday @
8pm Sydney Time – 11am London – 12pm Berlin – 6am NYC
You folks in LA will still be tucked up though I’m afraid

Remember to tune in for a bit of the tough deep ‘n’ chunky stuff next week.
If you want to listen on your mobile then:
iPhone – use
Android – use
Nokia – use
BB – use


Deep Soulful house Radio show mix

1 Andre Bonsor – Cycadian Rhythms
2 Mic Newman – Systems & A Diana
3 Maya Jane Coles – Little One
4 Tyrrel Corporation – One Day (Raw Vocal Mix)
5 Karizma – Tha D
6 The Saliva Commandos – Conga Fonga Pt 2 (Mr V Remix)
7 Reel People ft Darian – Sure (Frankie Feliciano Classic Vocal)
8 Reelsoul – Spend My Life (Original)
9 Groove Assassin ft Pete Simpson – More Than Enough (Original)
10 Mike Delgado – Touching My Mind
11 Curtis McClean – City Life (BT Instrumental Mix)
12 Steven Stone & Nicole Mitchell – Show Me Love (Richard Earnshaw Vocal)
13 Elements Of Life ft Lisa Fischer – Love Will Know (Spen & Karizma Mix)
14 Jamie Lewis & Marc Evans – Without You (Jamie Lewis Mastermix)
15 Studio Apartment – On The Way ft Kenny Bobien (Original)
16 Rude Soul – Take It Easy
17 Simon Weiss – Yesterday Is Around
18) Dom Navarra ft Antonio – Endless Possibilities (Justin Imperiale Soul Mix)
19) John Legend – Ordinary People (Karizma Kayorican Mix)
20) Black Sauce – Abigail (Vocal Mix)



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