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Si Sutton Intellidantzia on Pressure 29th April T12

1 May 2012


Hi Guys n Gals,

As the rain beat down here in the UK, I felt in a Philly mood, so started this one on an inspirational “strings n keys” approach to remembering that sound. The rest are B line groovers & some fantastic vocals to wrap the whole package up in a soulful bundle. I played it back to myself for the journey into work & though I say it myself, this ones a keeper….

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Lou Rawls – You’ll Never Find (Tom Moulton)
Watanbe – The Affair (Original Lover)
Greg Stainer – Keep It Real (David Jones)- excerpt
Nicholas – Love Message (orig)
Greg Stainer – Keep It Real (David Jones)
Davidson Opsina ft David Walker – The More I Get (Greg Stainer)
Davidson Opsina ft David Walker – The More I Get (Norty Cotto)
Harold Melvin – Bad Luck (Dims From Paris Re-Edit)
Baggi Bagovic – Roffa
Baggi Bagovic ft Haze – Blame (BB Roffa mix)
DJ Meme Orchestra ft Rachael Claudio – Any Love (Jamie Lewis Master Jam)
DJ Fudge – Keep On Wondering (orig)
DJ Vivona & Joi Cardwell – Return to Love (Terry Hunter Bang Transform)
Domonic Dawson – Flashback (Kruse & Nuerburg Backstage)
Ray Briones & Hardmix – Funky Beatbox (instru)
SoulFunktion – Late Sunday Groove(orig)
DJ Roland Clark – I Wont Be There (RC Retro Vox)
Joe Flame – Standing Tall (orig)
Kenny Thomas – Baby Its You (Eric Kupper Classic)
Audiowhores – Sometimes (Pray For More’s In Love With Mjuzieek)
Swanken – High (orig)
Spiritchaser – Yesterdays Gone Tomorrows dub)
Easy L. – New Day (Anthem)

So I shall be back on Pressure Radio next week to bring the schedule back into line which then returns to every other week. My thanks to everyone that joined me in the chat, all the silent listeners & of course, each & everyone of you that downloads this podcast

Si Sutton


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