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C2E Pressure Radio Show – 19-7-12 Mellow Fellow

21 July 2012

 Download mix here

As the title suggests I think overall this mix is on the chilled side for C2E, allowing for a bit of crazy sax and table stomping in the latter parts.

This weeks show is dominated by new tracks with an OLD gem thrown in the middle.
Please ignore my gibberish rambling at the start of the mix, the kids were still up and trying to talk into the mic! I promised they could next week so look out for that – I apologise in advance!

Great group of people in the chat room this week, enjoyed chatting with you all – big shout to Colin, Bob, Nick and Leah (my wife) who made a rare appearance from the sofa in the lounge 🙂  Finally a shout to Kev Anthony who plays after me every week – always good catching up every Thursday for a bit of banter.

My fav tracks are probably “Pick It Up” – Mr McCabe on fire, “Strobelight Honeys” a track from back in the day with Mr Joey Negro on remix duty, “Thunderday” great production out of Amsterdam (thanks to Joachim) and finally the outro track – “BYRSLF” which I have to thank Miloe for putting me onto during his Saturday show on Pressure.

As always thanks to the silent listeners that are able to listen in, and to you guys who go on to download the show via the Podcast.  Shout to Glynn and Jules who connected via FB during the show.

Monthly mixes are set to make a return (when I get chance!) Even I can’t listen in the car so the old 80 min CD mixes will be released again.

Catch you all next week – same time and place – 11am to 1pm GMT on

Check out the website for a whole range of ways to listen and interact during the show.

Finally please show your support by joining the new FB page for C2EMusic (Spam Free) –

1 Bukkusoul – The Deepness
2 No Solution – Temptation
3 Chase Buch – Polly Molly (DJ Dealer – Temptation Accapella)
4 Klevakeys ft Diamonddancer – Raising Vibrations (Klevakeys Deeper Vibration Mix)
5 Chris Minus – Do’s & Dont’s
6 Klevakeys ft Diamonddancer – Raising Vibratons (Club Mix)
7 DJ Man-X & Vick Levander ft Shawnee Taylor – Happy Endings (Frankie Feliciano Classic Vocal)
8 Carolyn Harding – Pick It Up (Sean McCabe Remix)
9 Local Instruments ft MJ White – Living My Dream (Zepherin Saint Tribe Mix)
10 Alex Millet ft Cinamon Brown – Never Give Up On Love (Sean McCabe Need Your Dub)
11 Melchyor A – Juicy Farm (Melchyor A’s hmida Orig)
12 Black Sheep – Strobelight Honeys (Joey Negro Edit)
13 Lars Vegas – Thunderday
14 Willie Graff & Tuccillo – Misdirection
15 Art Of Tones – The World As I Live It
16 NTFO – Policrom (Audiojack Remix)
17 Eric Kupper – Rock To The Beat
18 Rober Gaez & Oscar L – Love Me
19 Luca Signori – A Night In Paris
20 Aki Bergen ft Carmen Sherry – Into My Soul (Spiritchaser mix)
21 Blackwax – For, With, Of
22 Lay-Far – BYRSLF



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