Hey Guys n Gals,

All about the history revisited this week – some fanatstic old tracks been given the soulful reworking & come out firing on all levels. So this week stays pretty much deep n soulful throughout, with plenty of energy & as always, quality guaranteed ๐Ÿ™‚

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AIC โ€“ Moments (orig)
Mustafa ft Lisa Millet โ€“ Wake Up Everybody (sunlight Squared)
Kenny Bobien โ€“ About Love (Sean McCabe Alt Vocal Dubbed)
Jazz Juice โ€“ Fever (Pagany Jazzy)
Jason Bye โ€“ Livin Hip (orig)
Fleetside ft Carolyn Harding โ€“ Movin On (Allovers Cold Dub)
Dembora ft Funky Virto โ€“ My Little Sue (ANJO Ruben Mancias)
Nils Nuernberg & Florian Kruse ft Stee Downes โ€“ Last Chance (dub)
Nils Nuernberg & Florian Kruse ft Stee Downes โ€“ Last Chance (orig)
Mr. Kavalicious โ€“ Deception (Samson Lewis)
True 2 Life โ€“ Geeโ€™s Dream (The Life Trax EP)
Fabrizio Marra ft Loleatta Holloway โ€“ My Loleatta
Soulfunktion โ€“ Fret Not (Ribal)
Richard Earnshaw ft Natasha Watts โ€“ Wont Let Go (Classic)
Joey Negro & The Sunshine Band ft Angela Johnson โ€“ In The Thick of It (JNโ€™s Endless Summer)
The Dizz & Azza ft Mmelashon โ€“ I Want You for Myself (Maurice Joshua)
The Layabouts ft Portia Monique โ€“ Do Better (Reel People Vox)
Viola Sykes โ€“ (My Baby) He Loves Me (main)
Lovebirds โ€“ Give Me a DubF*k
Dublin Aunts – Heartbreak Reputation (Flasmode)
Jill Scott โ€“ Crown Royal On Ice (Harlum)
BTK ft Stee Downes โ€“ What it Means (Ananda Project Full Vox)

So Im back next week on Pressure Radio, Sunday 8pm-10pm gmt. Please join me & everyone else in the chat, but in the meantime, thank you all for listening, downloading & generally keeping this wonderful music alive!

Si Sutton