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Si Sutton Intellidantzia on Pressure 29th July T12

1 August 2012

Hey Guys n Gals,

So as London welcomes the world to the 2012 Olympiad, I took some inspiration from “Sir” Danny Boyle & started things a little left field & atmospheric before taking on some deep bass lines & building through to something a little more energetic as e throbbed along nicely, rounding out with some full on vocals, high on life & aiming for gold with a tracklist that looked like this….

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David Arkenstone – Prelude: Let The Games Begin!
Goldie – Inner City Life (Rabbit in the Moon Return to Vocal)
Kyodai – Breaking (orig)
Playin 4 The City – Music & The Rhythm
YSE, Frank H Carter III & Diore – Play On (orig)
Joey Negro, SunBurst Band ft Donna Gardier & Diane Charlamagne – The Secret Life of Us (JN extd)
True2Life ft Morrisson – Your Love (True2Love Dub)
India, Paki Palmeri & Peppe Citarella – Mamafrica (Citarellla Dub Piano)
Manyus & Misteralf ft Maiya – Give Me The Light (orig deep)
John Julius Knight – Jakes Jam (orig)
Jay C – And The Music Began To Play (orig)
Juan Diaz, Jorge Montia & Coqui Selection – One Day (orig)
Soul Central – In-Ten-City (Aaron Ross Deep Dub)
Volta Cab – My House is Your House (orig)
Ivan The Terrible – My Love (orig)
Daniel Steinburg – Looking For A Girl (orig)
Berardino & Sonatore – About You (orig)
Rocco ft Akram – Working Hard (Yass)
Shane D ft Jacqueline Gilbert – Keep The Fires Burning (Maurice Joshua)
Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart ft Christa – Slow & Steady (Jamie Lewis Deep Session)
Julius Papp & Mr V – Chicago Tribute (Vincent Kwok Never Been To Chicago)
Mmleshon – I Am Blessed (K Azza Fingers & The Dizz)
Alex Millet ft Cinnamon Brown – Never Give Up On Love (Jonny Montana Goes To Church)
Ziggy Funk ft Twaliwa – What You Afraid Of (Spen & Thommy Disco Phobia)

So as always my thanks go out to everyone who joined us in Stadium Chat & to all the others in venues around the globe & of course, the red button crew who pick it up on the Podcast. I shall be back on Pressure Radio in 14 days time, 8pm-10pm & I look forward to you joining me for some more quality deep Soulful house Music. 
Si Sutton


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