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C2E 23-Aug-12 – Little Gremlin Mix

1 September 2012

Grab a little gremlin here

Where do we start? This is the first podcast in a few weeks for a number of reasons. Firstly I finally got hold of a new controller which has opened up the vinyl options, so the last few weeks have just been free flowing crate diggin’ sessions. This weeks show was then plagued by technical difficulties again. To the point it made the stream too hard to follow so a HUGE thank you to those that stuck with it.

As a result I have now rebuilt and upgraded the old bird. Hoping that should see an end to any future show being plagued by tech issues.

Big shout out to Lloyd Warton who stopped by in the early hours over in DC to say hi in the chat room – and thanks to Andrea Parker in NY for putting him onto C2E smiley . Also thanks to Ashley down here in Oz who also jumped in there. Big thanks to the regulars, Bob, Jules, Wally my Mum & of course Kevin Anthony who follows on from my show. Fair play to Nick for trying but I know the stream was pretty unbearable.

This week’s show owe’s a lot to the Pressure family of DJs as a fair few of the tracks were spotted in their shows, so thanks to Frank Soto, Andy Ward, DJ Erv and Brother C. If you haven’t checked them out yet, have a look on the Pressure schedule and show some support. Great tunes by some great DJs.

Next weeks show I’ll be using the new kit, so I am excited (and a little nervous!) In the meantime you guys can kick back and enjoy this cheeky little gremlin of a mix.

1 ) Atjazz & Julien Gomez – Overshadowed (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub)
2 ) True 2 Life ft Rainy Paine – Beautiful Day (Red Soul Mix)
3 ) Groove Addix ft Annette Taylor – Faith (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix)
4 ) Ralf Gum & Monique Bingham – Little W 12th St (Sean McCabe Dub)
5 ) Champion Soul – Holdin’ on (Part One)
6 ) The Playerz – Making Me High
7 ) Nova Fronteira – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Sean McCabe Remix)
8 ) The Sunburst Band ft Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne – The Secret Life Of Us (Joey Negro Extended Mix)
9 ) Leon & Pirupa – Bassline
10) House Heads – Bit & Pieces (Choice Mix)
11) Nick Nikolov – Come Down
12) D-Reflection ft Thor Dulay – Real Life Fantasy (D’s 909 Reflection)
13) Deep City Soul & Groove Assassin – I Need You (Groove Assassin Slam Dub)
14) Colin Sales & S.U.Z.Y. – All About The Love (Piers Kirwan Ins)
15) Mateo & Matos – MAW Basics (Gerd NY Stomp Mix)
16) DJ Disciple – It’s Easy
17) Nocturnal DJs ft backroom Congregation – Fall On Me (DJ Shaheer Williams & Dwayne Spen Richards mix)
18) Phlash & Friends – Runnin (Club Mix)
19) Mastiksoul – Macaroon (The Bob at SPW at 5am with a bottle of JD track)
20) Ossie – Lovecrazy

Pressure Radio – House Music Radio


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