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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 7-Oct-12 on Pressure

10 October 2012

Hi Everyone,

It feels like its been ages since my last post – I did broadcast a show when I got back from VBW, but in all honesty I was still a bit spacey & I felt it just wasnt good enough to send out to you all… Im sure you understand?!
So, this is the show I like to think of as slices of the VB pie, or as Miles Davies put it, Sketches of Spain. This is not a greatest hits of who played what, but rather an across the board selection that make me feel the way I do when at VB, be that poolside during the day, or next to a speaker in the wee small hours, ya get meΒ πŸ˜‰Β The format you all should be familiar with by now – ease you in, take you up, pump it deeper, some soaring soulfulness, then ease you down to close with a track list that goes like this:

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Bill Withers – Do For Love (Get Down Edits)
DJ Dealer – Thru The Night (orig)
Miky Falcone & Fabio Morello – F**k (Soulbeats)
Doobie J ft Yvonne Yanney – Sunshine (Mojito uplifting jazz)
Hardsoul – La Passion (Crazibiza)
M&S ft Jay Ella Ruth – Keep On (M&S Epic Vox)
Matthew Brian – Freaked 2 (orig)
Alfonso Ares ft Celia – Behind The Dome
Tony Malone & Waltek ft Vailka – D.Vago (Terry Hunter Bang)
Accap – DSK – What Would We Do
The Trak Godz – The Darkness (Orig)
Accap – Steven Mestre – Judgements & Misconceptions
DJ Spen pres Marc Evans – A Spiritual Love (Unlimited Orchestration)
DJ Spen pres Marc Evans – A Spiritual Love (orig)
Richard Earnshaw ft Jocelyn Brown – Worthy (Directors Cut)
David Shaw ft Carolyn Harding – When Love Calls (RAW)
Timmy Regisford ft Mikey Dance – Shining (Sean McCabe Vox)
Darick Gyorgy ft Lalis – Whos To Blame (orig)
Alex Roque – Finally I (Aliaga & Fabian Argomedo)
Sleaze – Key Of Love (Hold Youth)
System Funk – Destiny (Atjazz Love Soul)
Evren Furtuna – My Miracle Baby

Next week all roads lead to VB reunion at East Village – hope to see some of you there & I will be back the week after. So my thanks to everyone that joined me in the chat, all the silent listeners & you, the faithful Soulful house Podcaster

Si Sutton


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