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Vocal Booth Weekender 2012 Pressure Cooker batch 4

29 October 2012

Vocal booth Weekender Live recordings from the Pressure Cooker Moday 17th September

Vocal booth weekender Pressure cooker room

Batch 4 – Monday 17th September guest DJ’s live from the Vocal Booth Pressure Cooker room. [mp3player width=600 height=230 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=vocal-booth-mon-17th.xml]
Direct Files For download
1300-1400 Danny Wood
1400-1500 The Analysir and Curly Deb
1500-1600 David Miller Lawson
1600-1700 DJ Roly
1700-1800 Joey Fabini Glenn – Thornton – Live PA Diana Waite
1800-1900 DJ Raw
1900-2000 Mar Johnson

All mixes will be available

More recordings will be released a batch at a time and there is loads more to come.


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