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c2eMusic Radio Show 7-feb-13 – Little W

24 February 2013

This weeks show was new stuff almost all the way.  The UK Garage sound is growing stronger by the week.  So many tracks with those London style synths and an increasing number using vocal stabs from the late 80?s and early 90?s house classics.

Very conscious not to put out a pure UK Garage show at the moment. Always like to try and mix the sound up a little hence the way this one flows providing the title of the show.

After a fair bit of deep underground sounds we take a break for a couple of tracks with some laid back vocals before picking up the whip and going again.

Another switch kicks in as we turn the clock back 20+ years for a couple of classics before ramping things up to bring it home.

Quiet in the chatroom and on the outside this week.  Not as much fun when there isn’t a buzz in there.

I know it’s during work hours for most people but if you can make it your company is really appreciated.

Thanks to those that did tune in on the outside and came in the chatroom.

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1: Banjax – Zoomin (Original)
2: DJ Garphie – Synth The Size (G’s Soulful Mix)
3: Chesus – Newark
4: C.R.S.T. – Monster Munch (ft The Organ Grinder)
5: Cassio Kohl – Always Existed
6: Rokaz – Be Bold (Vocal)
7: Johnny Miller, Ckenz Voucal – Good Inside
8: Doc Link – Music 101
9: Timmy Regisford, Tiger Wilson – Sometimes (Terry Hunter’s Bang The Vocal Mix)
10: DJ Punch & Flip – Nothing Matters (DJ Punch & Flip Mix)
11: Fever Brothers – The Pianist (Soul Creative Mix)
12: Filthy Rich – Do It Again
13: James Dexter – System Check
14: Chesus – Special
15: NU Soul – I Gotta Hold On (Silky Scat Dub)
16: Solution – Feels So Right (Victor Simonelli Original)
17: Lovebirds – Mandrill
18: Random Soul – Mysterious (Richard Earnshaw Dubstrumental)
19: Medlar – Knockard Pearl (Detroit Swindle Mix)
20: Lando Kai – Clockin’
21: Torres Bros, Sebastian Bardy – Basements
22: Z Factor  – Sounds In The Air (Soul Purpose Remix)
23: Rokaz – Stomp Snake
24: Arttu – Attic House (Gerd’s Re-Arrange Mix)
25: 4 Da People – House Gangsta
26: Nasty Shadez – Flow
27: Henrique Pirai – Soul Do Rio (Vibe Boutique Version)


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